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Areas of Expertise

Strategic Planning

From sales and marketing opportunities to realigned management models to long-range visioning initiatives - and most everything in between -  Ray Artigue brings 35-plus years of experience and success to the strategic planning process.

Crisis Communication

Crisis can arise, often without notice, threatening an organization’s good standing. Only keen planning and preparation, along with adroit communications and response, will help neutralize an unforeseen situation and work to protect a company’s reputation.

Issues Management

A pop culture-like buzzword, issues management is really no more than problem solving. Research and critical analysis of workplace and market conditions will provide for understanding and solutions to problems and the uncovering of newfound opportunities.

Board Governance

Good boards serve, great boards advise and govern. Because it’s the responsibility of the organization that appointed the board, diligent effort and commitment is required to ensure that its directors provide the greatest contribution to the professional staff.

Corporate Alliances

Because it’s true that there is strength in numbers, aligning with other like-minded organizations can produce different and even accelerated results. Artigue Advisors, with its vast network of long-standing corporate and civic relationships, can help build bridges of meaning and purpose.

Employee Relations

Companies spend thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns to communicate with their audiences, yet they seldom put forth efforts to communicate with their employees. Audit and analysis of the workplace provides for important understanding and development of constructive programs that drive employee satisfaction, productivity and retention.

Offsite Strategy Retreats

Most companies enjoy retreating from the office but don’t generally like all the planning required to generate successful outcomes. Without the right preparation, retreats can result in empty results, flustered employees and, worst of all, lost opportunities.


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